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"Can I Give You $54,999.00?"
(Only Valid For The First 7 Fast Movers Who Act By April 17, 2019)
(This Video Is A LIVE Presentation Carlos Redlich Gave In San Diego, California)
Dear Friend,

I’m doing something that I swore I'd never do…

My friends think I’m crazy and other copywriters are begging me not to show this to you - they’re scared it’ll hurt their "positioning"... but I don’t care. 

Over the next few minutes, you'll discover how to make more money than most folks could ever dream of and why you’ll want to fire your copywriter, designer and funnel builder permanently!

In fact, what I’m about to show you, could help you do what it did for one of my last clients, Ryan and Bonnie Nichols...
My name is Carlos Redlich.  I've been writing direct-response sales copy for over a decade for my own personal online offers as well as for certain clients.  

I'm also the founder of the largest online Jeet Kune Do martial art organization called "I Love Jeet Kune Do" which has roughly 90,000 active members.

If you haven't heard of me before, I included a recent 1 hour, value-packed LIVE presentation on this page for you to watch FREE.

It was for an audience of high-level marketers in sunny San Diego, California.  

You'll discover million dollar copywriting formulas you can instantly use to start increasing conversions for your sales letters, video sales letters, advertorials, and more.

Listen, what you’ll discover on this page isn’t some theoretical nonsense I read in a vintage marketing book.

It’s real, in-the-trenches marketing psychology you can use to influence more people and make more money... faster.

When I first started in the “copywriting game”, I started with zero clients and crawled up the ladder of success to write for some of the top dogs in business.

Folks like Agora, the Billion dollar per year financial newsletter giant…Anthony Powell, another Billion dollar producer... Ryan “Hardcore Closer” Stewman who went from Prison to multiple millions of dollars over the last 4 or 5 years and more than 150 different 7, 8 and 9-figure clients…
What I’m about to share with you…
  •  Isn't A Course
  •  Isn't A Webinar
  •  And...It Isn't A Bunch Of Fluffy Crap
It’s exactly what I use to write profitable, high-converting copy that makes people pull out their wallet and buy.

Quick Secret: There are 10 common fears all humans have...

And when you know how to attack these fears… and twist these pain points, you can make people do almost anything.

It’s why clients pay me $10,000+ to write their funnels for them… and why some even give me a percentage of the sales.

I’ll show you the proof for that in just a moment.

But first, let’s briefly talk about why my clients are smarter than most folks.

They’re not looking for some newbie copywriter or funnel builder to use them as a guinea pig and they’re also not looking to fork over $10,000 and have the copy not work.

They know that good copy can strike these fears and make their customers buy uncontrollably.
Here Are Those 10 Common Fears...
  •  Fear of the Unknown
  •  Fear of embarrassment
  •  Fear of failure
  •  Fear of poverty and wanting what you can’t have
  •  Fear of loneliness
  •  Fear of dependence
  •  Fear of betrayal
  •  Fear of illness
  •  Fear of death
  •  Fear for someone else
The thing is, trying to write a winning sales funnel or promotion isn’t easy.

You would know this if you’ve ever tried doing it yourself. 

You’ve probably had some success but it usually came after a good amount of money was spent on testing.

And even if you attack each of these 10 Common Fears, there’s a good chance your copy still won’t convert.

Especially with COLD traffic.



It could be for any number of these reasons...

You may have picked the wrong fear to attack, you may have attacked too many (or too few)... or maybe you did everything right… but the copy simply doesn’t flow the way it needs to for the highest conversions.

All of these things can make your copy crash and burn… and when you’re spending money on getting traffic to your funnel… it’s important that you CONVERT!

That’s why I’m doing something I swore I’d never do… and it’s something other copywriters are begging me NOT to do because they don’t want their clients to see this page and leave them.

These copywriters are right to be nervous… because I WILL ask you to leave them by the end of this message and for good reason.

See, I’ve discovered a hole in our industry. And it’s costing you both time and money.

Here’s what I mean…

Folks are offering Funnel Building services promising you MASSIVE results… yet fall flat on their face when it comes to delivering you the windfalls of cash you were promised.

And then…

You have lazy copywriters who take your money… act like they know more than you… and when it comes time to deliver the work… 9 times out of 10, they’re LATE!

It’s true.

Copywriters are notorious for being late on virtually every project they take on and then, use up every excuse in the book to cover up their mistake.

I know some who even blame the client for following up with them too much!

It’s pathetic for copywriters to act this way and it’s not right.

Frankly, I’ve built my reputation by being fast and good… not good and slow as hell.

That’s why I stopped hiring people to help me with my funnels unless they met my two requirements- they were both fast AND good.

If they were always late… didn’t seem to enjoy working… and simply weren’t reliable… they didn’t make “the cut.”

That’s how I assembled my personal “A-Team” of funnel builders and copywriters.

They’re fast, reliable… and damn good!

And with your permission, I’d like to make you an offer you can’t refuse…

See, I’m going to build your funnel for you… write your copy so it converts… create content for your Facebook Fan page… give you 6 Months of FREE Strategy Consulting and TONS more.

Here’s a breakdown of everything I’m giving to 7 people (hopefully you’re one of them)...
You'll Get...
1) A Custom Free + Shipping Funnel Created in ClickFunnels Including Copy and Build Out By My Personal Funnel Builder - Here's what the funnel flow looks like...
Free + Shipping Page (including order bump) -> Upsell -> Downsell -> Thank You Page - ($10,000.00 Value)

2) 12 High Converting Emails… 5 email welcome series, 4 post purchase emails, 3 abandon carts - ($4,740.00 value)

3) 8 Killer Facebook Ads - ($1,200.00 value)
    a) 5 Facebooks ads to send to Free + Shipping page
    b) 2 Retargeting Facebook ads
    c) 1 Post Purchase Facebook ad

4) 365 Fan Page Memes For One Year - You’ll never need to figure out what to post to get engagement on your page… it’ll all be done for you ($1,000.00 Value)

5) FREE One-Day (6 hour) Consult with Carlos in Scottsdale, Arizona - We will schedule this privately to make it convenient for you and redeemable between now and one year from when you get started ($25,000.00 value)

6) 6 Months of Coaching and Copy Critiques - If you ever feel stuck with future promotions, simply schedule a call with me and I'll personally work with you to build a strategy that will increase leads and sales... with this offer, you get "Carlos On Demand" for 6 FULL months ($7,500.00 value)

7) 4 FREE books - You’ll get my two books, The Copywriting Playbook and The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Winning… On top of that, you’ll also get a third book, The Copy Code showing you how to write money making advertorials by Tiffany Alford and Retainers on Demand which is another book by Tiffany Alford showing you how to close 5-figure deals with ease ($45.00 Value

8) 2 FREE “Always Get Paid” wristbands - This is your SWAG gear… reserved for Winners only ($20.00 Value)

9) Copywriting Unleashed Masters Program - You’ll get access to our #1 selling copywriting course with over 100 step by step training videos showing you how to write sales letters, emails, advertorials, articles and more ($1,997.00 Value)


BONUS #1: Hidden Camera access to the copywriting presentation Carlos Redlich gave at a high level marketing event folks paid $2,500 to attend (Value = 2,500.00)

BONUS #2: You'll also get 3 bonus training videos on creating content marketing that attracts and prequalifies your clients before you even speak to them (Value = $997.00)

Total Real Value: $54,999.00
That’s a total REAL value of $54,999.00 worth of goods and services… and it’s yours for a fraction of that… literally pennies on the dollar.

Why would any rational person turn down $54,999.00… especially if they only have until April 17, 2019 to claim it?

They wouldn’t turn it down… that’s the answer.

Especially if it had the potential to earn them even more money!

Listen, the Done-For-You sales funnel by itself would run you $10,000.

It’s a standard price folks pay JUST to have me write the copy and NOT build the funnel.

Here’s proof:
But… since my goal is to grow my long term client base...

I’m going to give you everything I mentioned above for an embarrassingly low ball price and it’s only good until April 17, 2019.

Here's your total investment (read this):

If you and I are a good fit AFTER we get on a call, you’ll only invest one transaction of just $9,500.  
IMPORTANT: This is only available for the first 7 people who qualify.
You May Not Qualify
This Special Offer may or may not be for you.

Here’s who it’s not for…
  •  It’s not for people who sell scammy products that don’t work
  •  It’s not for people who’ve never sold a single thing online
  •  It’s not for broke freeloaders who want all the free stuff but can’t fork up a measly $9,500 for a high-converting sales funnel, emails, ad copy and consulting
If you’re someone who’s got a great product, killer testimonials and have the money to invest, click the button on this page and enter your contact info.

On the next page, you'll have access to my teams calendar to schedule your call.

If we're a good fit after speaking and you want to be one of the lucky 7 to claim this special one time only deal… Either myself or a Funnel Expert on my Team will send you a questionnaire to fill out and the directions to invest the $9,500.

If we are NOT a good fit… no worries, you’ll still get good information on this FREE call and we’ll still part ways as friends.
If I Screw Up… I’ll Pay You $19,000.00!
Pay very close attention to this part…

I’m about to do something NO OTHER copywriter will ever do.

And that’s give you a money back guarantee.

Your funnel will take 7 weeks or less to complete (generally much less).

If I’m even a single day late turning in your sales funnel… I’ll refund your entire $9,500 and you still keep all the other bonuses (even the ones I mailed to your home)... and I’ll still finish the funnel as promised.

On top of that, I’ll give you an ADDITIONAL $9,500.00 just for wasting your time on this...that’s a guaranteed $19,000.00 back in your pocket, if I don’t stick to my word.

I can make this kind of guarantee because I’ll NEVER leave you out to hang and dry. Your time is valuable and I know that.

And… if you’re unhappy with some parts of the funnel or if God Forbid it doesn't covert right out the gate - we’ll revise it up to 3 times to make sure you ARE happy and it DOES convert.

This makes my entire offer completely RISK-FREE.

Don’t waste a single second longer.

If you think this is a PERFECT fit for you… click the button on this page, enter your contact info and schedule your call at a time that's convenient for you.

IMPORTANT: If you are outside of the USA, please enter your skype contact information as well. 

I really appreciate you reading this message.  
Remember, this is limited to the first 7 fast-movers who take action.

If you’re number 8… we'll be honest and tell you that we can’t take on your project.

The reason I’ve limited this to only 7 people is because at this point, if I take on more than 7… I wouldn’t be able to guarantee the 7 week deadline.

And the last thing I want to do is be late.  

You deserve a high-converting funnel with good copy that’s delivered to you on the actual deadline.

Click the button now and let’s roll!

To Your Next Funnel,

Carlos Redlich - G

P.S. Listen, if you don’t act on this now, you’ll probably miss out.

And if you miss out on this deal… you’ll regret it.

Right now, you have the rare one time opportunity to trade $9,500 and get $54,999.00 back in services, additional bonuses and FREE gifts.

And… if I’m even a single day late delivering your work… you’ll get every single penny back.

No questions asked. No hard feelings.

Think of it like “Funnel Insurance”... It’s a no-brainer decision.

Click the button below now and let’s talk. You literally have nothing to lose.
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